Bus Alícia

Bus Alícia is a travelling project involving eating and health, organised by Foundation. A project which explains the importance of healthy eating, of learning how to eat better, which also provides technical and scientific information, strategies and knowledge regarding the eating habits of our society.

Bus AlíciaBus AlíciaBus Alícia

Bus Alícia is a mobile unit with educational equipment aimed for all audiences. Its objective is to inform, educate and help citizens of all ages and conditions to reflect in an enjoyable and participative manner on healthy eating habits which are adapted to their needs and are in accordance with the environment.

Bus Alícia includes a 50 m² exhibition space, also accessible for people with reduced mobility. It integrates an exhibition which includes audiovisual and multimedia resources which, in a strict, recreational and interactive manner, gets the visitors involved and provides explanations regarding production, manufacturing, consumer habits and the nutritional function of different foods.

Bus Alícia is also a cooking class, perfectly equipped in order to inform the territory of the research and projects which, in so far as science, health and food and agricultural heritage are concerned, are carried out within the Fundació Alícia laboratories.

A project by Foundation in collaboration with Fundació Alícia.
A 14 metre long mobile unit, with an interior area of about 60 m².
A multi-purpose space for exhibitions, workshops, conferences, demonstrations...
Open all-year-round, aimed for students, families and adults.

Alicia works for you, for all of us to eat better.