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Desert & SlurpTV. DeProp 2015.

Tuesday 24 March (8pm)

We have finally been able to bring together one of the most interesting and revealing musical line-ups on our music scene – Desert – and one of the liveliest, most surprising visual creators: SlurpTV. A session overflowing with music on all sides.  Together they will take us into a world full of emotions, synthesisers and pop melodies.



Desert are Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé. About a year ago they issued the single “Camins/ Desert” (Glitter End Records 2013), with which soon Barcelona’s best kept secret became one of the global promises of electronic pop. During the year starting with the issue of this single and finishing with their new EP, they have played at some of the main international festivals like Sónar or South By Southwest at the US, they have been featured in blogs from half of the planet and have developed their music until getting a more personal sound which can remind at the same time of bands that helped defining the 4AD sound (Cocteau Twins), divas of experimental pop like Grimes, Catalan folk singers like Maria Del Mar Bonet, the Broadcast’s electronic psychedelia and the productions of Clams Casino.

“Envalira” is Desert’s new EP, issued through a collaboration between the US label Minty Fresh and Spanish label Buenritmo in digital and 12” vinyl with a cover in golden ink designed by Arnau Pi. “Envalira” is a made up word deriving from the fusion of two Catalan verbs which could perfectly define the music of Desert: “embadalir” (to spellbound) and “delirar” (to be delirious). This is a definition that is more accurate than any music genre, since it is becoming increasingly harder to define their music with a single word. In this new EP we can still find the dream pop influences that were already the imprint of their previous project, Granit, alongside with more psychedelic and experimental songs which are so far becoming the  most pop and danceable tracks.



SlurpTV is a compendium of design in motion and a long search for an image that surprises. For years the project has devoted itself to conceptualisation, as if it was an unreal television channel, mixing art, music and above all surprise as an emotional factor.

Good vibrations, colorimetry and shapes your retina will enjoy. Daniel Cardona is the man behind the invention, with support from his brother Xavi. Welcome to SlurpTV! (





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Casa Milà, popularly known as «La Pedrera» (the stone quarry), an ironic allusion to the resemblance of its façade to an open quarry, was constructed between 1906 and 1912 by Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926). For its uniqueness, artistic and heritage value has received major recognition and in 1984 was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, for its exceptional universal value. Nowadays is the headquarters of Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera and houses a cultural centre that is a reference in Barcelona for the range of activities it organises and the different spaces for exhibitions and other public uses it contains.              

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