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I Am Dive & Desilence. DeProp 2015.

Tuesday 10 March (8pm)

One of those special sessions we are particularly thrilled to have at DeProp. I Am Dive’s hypnotic sonic landscapes, full of nuances, come into contact with one of the most disturbing audiovisual studios in Barcelona, Desilence, in this session to offer us a concert of image and sound that no-one will ever want to leave. 



I Am Dive

With the album Wolves, I Am Dive (Esteban Ruiz and José A. Pérez) consolidate their position as one of the most fascinating acts to come out of Spain in the current decade. Their approach has always been guided by the search for emotion and has almost always managed to generate it, succeeding in their great aim. Wolves finally achieves a series of aims and functions. Firstly, it synchronises the creative and recording rhythms of a group whose sound has always seemed to evolve ahead of their presentation. It also offers a version that is closer to the power of their live shows, a facet of theirs not well enough known, although those who have experienced it know them to be full of intensity and barely contained euphoria.



Desilence Studio began in 2005 as a creative studio formed by Tatiana Halbach and Søren Christensen, two visual artists with more than fifteen years’ experience. Experimentation and the fusion of elements and disciplines has always been its leitmotiv, producing visual stage design work, live visuals, videomapping and projections for the theatre, concerts and events, as well as working with musicians, DJs, theatrical creators and choreographers. They have performed in cities like London, Paris, New York, Berlin and Copenhagen.



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Casa Milà, popularly known as «La Pedrera» (the stone quarry), an ironic allusion to the resemblance of its façade to an open quarry, was constructed between 1906 and 1912 by Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926). For its uniqueness, artistic and heritage value has received major recognition and in 1984 was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, for its exceptional universal value. Nowadays is the headquarters of Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera and houses a cultural centre that is a reference in Barcelona for the range of activities it organises and the different spaces for exhibitions and other public uses it contains.              

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