Passeig de Gràcia, 92
08008 Barcelona


Spectacular monastery (every Saturday)

9:30 h. Departure from La Pedrera to Món St Benet.

18 h. Arrival to Barcelona


La Pedrera Night Experience 

You decide when (maximum of seven days after your trip to Món Sant Benet)


  • General
  • Children (7-12 years)
  • Children (3-6 years)

If you want to discover new corners of Catalonia and enjoy a magical experience we can suggest a visit to two of the top attractions in the Barcelona area. First, we will take you to the medieval monastery of Món Sant Benet and then you can enjoy a unique tour of Gaudí’s best non-religious work: Casa Milà (La Pedrera).

Món Sant Benet is a unique site combining history and food, based around a thousand-year-old monastery just an hour from Barcelona in incomparable natural surroundings.

When you are there you can enjoy unique experiences, such as journeying back through a thousand years of the history of the medieval monastery and walking through the former summer home of the Modernista painter Ramon Casas.

You can also enjoy a good lunch at La Fonda, a restaurant at Món Sant Benet offering quality local cuisine. Not forgetting a little tasting in our store (carquinyoli biscuits and Herbes of St Benet liqueur).

When you return to Barcelona, you will have seven days to go to the La Pedrera Night Experience, a guided night-time tour of the different areas of La Pedrera, ending with Gaudí’s spectacular Warriors’ Roof Terrace.

Bus from Casa Milà
Lunch at Món Sant Benet
Medieval & modernist guided tour
Night tour at Casa Milà
Show on the Rooftop
Glass of cava
Partially accessible