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Auditorium of La Pedrera


“Parrà” by Miquel Barcelona



Parrà is the old Catalan conjugation of the verb form “apareixerà”, meaning it will appear. Parrà expresses the duality in tradition: a dialogue between voice and movement, roots and contemporaneity, structure and change. By reviewing musical pieces like El cant de la Sibil·la (Majorca) or dances like the “polka chinata” (Italy), at the origin of these pagan practices we find opportunities for expression that question us with their beauty and viscerality. They suggest to us a universe evoking the essence of free human spirituality, free of form, morals and intellect.

PARRÀ is a coproduction by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation based on research and choreography work by Miquel Barcelona for his work [kórps].


Directed by: Miquel Barcelona. Created and performed by: Marc Vilajuana and Miquel Barcelona. Musicians: Carlos Martorell and Oriol Mula. Costumes: Mariona Sala. Image: Clara Bes. Lighting design: Jordi Berch. Sound design: Carles Bernal. Technical production: Contracorrent. Distribution: Haizea Arrizabalaga.

With the backing of Fira Tàrrega’s Creativity Support Programme, SAT! Theatre, El Graner, the La Pedrera Foundation, and the Government of Catalonia’s Cultural Initiative Support Office.

Thanks to: Vòrtex Association, La Caldera, L'Espona, nunArt, Mar Bravo, Ignasi Castañé, Nora Baylach, Paloma Gutiérrez and Toni Gutiérrez.

With the cooperation of Fira Tàrrega.



Miquel Barcelona is part of the SAT! ALIANSAT project. Sant Andreu Teatre is cofounder of nunArt Creacions Contemporànies.

With open character and a multidisciplinary career with highlights including more than 15 years’ professional experience in the world of dance and dramatic arts, with directors, choreographers and colleagues such as Carolyn Carlson, Juan Kruz de Garaio Esnaola, Raffaelle Giovanola, Darío Fo, Àlex Rigola, Qars Teatre, Cobosmika Company, Laura Vilar and many others.

This September, [kórps] is being premiered at the Tàrrega street theatre fair, at SAT! Theatre and at the Mediterranean Fair. In December it premieres the play 27 and, for 2020, it is preparing the Rojos project – a tribute to the memory of the Battle of the Ebro.




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