Learn about heritage by means of advanced audio-visual resources


Casa Mila (La Pedrera) offers an extensive range of tours and workshops for schools in which the new technologies play a prominent role. These educational activities are suited to every level of education from infant school to the final years of secondary education and vocational training.

The activities are engaging and hands-on in focus and feature state-of-the-art technological and museographical devices and approaches, such as multiscreens, holograms and interactive systems. The purpose of these multimedia and interactive tools is to immerse participants in experiential activities that enable them to travel in time or embark on adventures related to heritage.


Guided tours of the building

Our guided tours take in the most representative parts of the building, the work of the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudi. Built in the early 20th century and declared a World Heritage Site in 1984, La Pedrera features major innovations for its time and continues to amaze visitors from all over the world.

The tour includes a visit to the facades, internal courtyards (Flower Courtyard and Butterfly Courtyard), the Tenants’ Courtyard, the Whale Attic with the Gaudí Exhibition and the Warrior Rooftop. The accompanying explanation will be adapted to suit the educational level of each group.

· Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

· Every educational level.

· In English on request.

· These activities are only offered to local schools with resident rates.



Activities can be organised around two main themes: La Pedrera and architecture. 

    I. Education Initial cycle Medium cycle Superior cycle ESO 1st cycle ESO 2nd cycle Baccalaureate Training cycles

Once upon a time... La Pedrera * * *          
  Indiana Stones: let's explore! * * *          


La Pedrera, school of architectures         * * * *


Once upon a time... La Pedrera

Activity about the building and its historical context.

A story will reveal the history of La Pedrera to us. When was it built? How was it built? Why and for whom? In addition, we will discover the inspiration Gaudí drew from nature by entering into the imagination of a magical character who often walks around La Pedrera. We will end the activity by trying our hands at one of the decorative techniques the architect employed in the building.

Activity recommended for learning more during the guided tour of the building and for studying the most notable aspects in an entertaining way. It begins with a tale that provides insights into the history of the building and the main characters that played a part in it. Next, by listening to the testimony of one of these characters, we will analyse the connection between the building and nature. Lastly, we will produce a small plastic artwork (a mosaic or other piece inspired by the wrought iron) related to the building and suited to the group’s educational level.

· Infant school and the early and middle years of primary education.

· In English on request.

Indiana Stones: let’s explore!

Activity about the building and nature as a source of inspiration.

We will become explorers, venturing into La Pedrera to learn about Gaudí’s architectural vision, with a special emphasis on nature, his most important source of inspiration. As good explorers, we will have to solve the enigma of nature and to undertake a series of missions in some of the most iconic corners of the building.

· Infant school and the early and middle years of primary education.

· In English on request.


La Pedrera: a school for architects

Creative architecture workshop.

Architects for a day! This is the challenge posed by this activity. Gaudí designed his works in a highly intuitive and imaginative yet rational and organised way. Following in the footsteps of this genius, we will create architectural features in which ruled geometrical forms will play an important role.

All these activities are held in a classroom on the mezzanine and are led by one of the Education Services monitors.

We adapt to meet the needs of each group (duration, educational levels, areas of interest, etc.).

· All levels of secondary education and vocational training.

· In English on request.


All these activities are carried out in a classroom in the Mezzanine, with the accompaniment of one of the monitors of the Educational Services, who will conduct the activity.

We adapt to the needs of each group (duration, levels, areas of interest...).


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