Casa Mila (La Pedrera), the central offices of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, is open to everyone. Out of respect for the building and other visitors, as well as for safety and security reasons, we require visitors to abide by these regulations. Visitors who do not comply may be refused admission to the building or asked to leave.


Admission policy

The organisation may restrict access to the building to:

  • People seeking access when the maximum authorised capacity has been exceeded.
  • People displaying violent or discriminatory attitudes, behaving in an aggressive manner or provoking disturbances outside or at the entrance to the building, or carrying objects which could be used as weapons or objects or symbols that may incite violence.
  • People showing signs of intoxication or drug abuse. 
  • People wearing clothing, objects or symbols that may incite violence or advocate activities contrary to fundamental rights or those which are not respectful of others.
  • For safety reasons, people wearing clothes with a train or accessories which may become a hindrance in the event of an emergency evacuation of the building.

If any such person is already in the building and is in any of the situations provided for herein, the owner of the building may remove that person from the building.

  • All visitors must show their ticket when entering the building and, in the case of reduced or free admission, the corresponding accreditation. The ticket must be kept until leaving the building. The organisation does not guarantee the authenticity of the tickets if they have not been purchased at an official point of sale. The organisation will not allow access to the building if they are not authentic.
  • Children under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire visit.
  • Bags and rucksacks or similar accessories shall be checked at security control for security reasons. To this end, access to the building will not be permitted when carrying objects that could be considered dangerous (knives, penknives, etc.).
  • Pets (except guide dogs) are not allowed into the building.


Behaviour inside the building

  • You are in a museum space listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is everyone's responsibility to preserve it for the future generations of visitors.
  • In order to ensure the conservation of the works of art or exhibits, touching them, using flash photography or carrying backpacks on your back is not permitted. Any backpacks must be carried on your front or left in the free lockers on the ground floor).
  • Likewise, in order to ensure a memorable visit for all and to respect other visitors, please behave in a civil manner, without raising your voice or talking on your mobile phone. Also, avoid crowds, rushing and obstructing the movement of other visitors.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking inside the building and throwing objects from the rooftop onto the courtyards or street, as well as displaying any posters, banners or protest performances inside the building is all forbidden and will result you being immediately removed from the premises.
  • The instructions given by the organisation's staff must be followed at all times.


Itinerary and spaces open to visitors

  • The owner of the building reserves the right to modify itineraries or restrict the areas of the building that can be visited due to security reasons, restoration, maintenance, adverse weather conditions or specific events.
  • The roof terrace will be closed when it is raining for safety reasons
  • In compliance with legal regulations, the owner of the building shall manage the capacity of La Pedrera and its spaces according to the monument’s safety and conservation criteria.



Access to the building with professional photographic equipment is not permitted. Taking photographs, video or film images of the building (and the use of tripods) is subject to special permission from the Press Department.

The publication of graphic, audiovisual or computer material without authorisation for commercial purposes will be prosecuted

People are forbidden from entering the building with professional photographic equipment for photo shoots and wearing celebration-oriented attire of any kind or with decorations designed to distract or attract attention for artistic, religious, promotional or other purposes.


Refund policy

Once the tickets have been purchased by the user, La Pedrera will not accept cancellations with a refund, but it will be possible to request a single date change for the reservation (as long as it is before the visit date), and the tickets have not been validated (that is, the visit has not been made).

For further information or clarification, please send an email to:

In the event of rain, the "Warrior Rooftop" will be closed to visitors for safety reasons, and ticket refunds will not be given if the ticket has been validated. If your tour has not yet started, you will be able to rebook another date.

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