Passeig de Gràcia, 92
08008 Barcelona



Duration: 1h 30min


  • General
  • Junior (7-17 years)
  • Children (0-6 years)

Do you want to visit Casa Mila before anyone else? Would you like to walk on the Warrior Rooftop at La Pedrera all on your own? Now you can do it, with the "La Pedrera Sunrise" guided tour.

Casa Mila wakes up every day and gets ready to welcome thousands of people who want to discover the secrets of this unique building.

First thing in the morning, while the preparations are being made to open the house to the public, the natural features in each area awaken: flowers, trees, marine animals... La Pedrera is a creation of nature that wakes with the first rays of sunlight.

We offer you a guided tour through the building before it opens to the public and in a small group. As well as discovering the different areas of the house, you will find out what inspired Antoni Gaudi to create this architectural treasure.

"La Pedrera Sunrise" is a guided tour in English including: the Warrior Rooftop, the Whale Attic with the Gaudí Exhibition, the Tenants’ Apartment, the Flower Courtyard and the Butterfly Courtyard as well as some areas that cannot be visited on the normal tour. 

Do not miss this unique tour and be the first to visit La Pedrera.

On Monday, you can do this tour with a Korean tour guide. Book your tickets here.

On Tuesday, you can do this tour with a Japanese tour guide. Book your tickets here.

On Wednesday and Sunday, you can do this tour with a Chinese tour guide. Book your tickets here.


*Visit might not coincide with sunrise

Before opening
Guided tour in English
Partially accessible