In this section we offer you basic and accessible information on how to get to La Pedrera, its opening times and the rates for day visits. 

You will also find detailed information about the resources and services offered by Casa Mila in relation to physical, communicative and cognitive accessibility. 

For any questions or for more information: 


How to get to Casa Mila:

La Pedrera is located on Paseo de Gracia number 92, at the height of Provenza. 

From Plaça Catalunya it is just a metro stop. By car it takes 8 minutes and walking 15 minutes. 

To get to La Pedrera from anywhere there are different public transport options that we detail below:



Opening times of Casa Mila:

La Pedrera opens from Friday to Sunday, from 9am.

The closing time varies depending on the season, summer or winter.

Special hours: On January 1 opens at 11am and closes at 8.30pm

Closed: 25 December and from 15th to 21st January, 2024 for maintenance.


Rates to visit Casa Mila:

The entrance to La Pedrera during the day has a general price of €25 if you buy the tickets online.



Free access is given at the ticket office once the documentation accrediting the degree of disability is presented.

Please note that there are many countries that do not specify the percentage of disability. In that case you only need to show the official letter that confirms the disability or illness.

People with disabilities access to the building without queuing and through the main door of Passeig de Gràcia.

The visit to La Pedrera by day can be combined by the visit to the temporary exhibition (when there is an exhibition) and offers a reduced entrance at a price of €29. But you can also visit only the temporary exhibition, which offers reduced entrance for people with disabilities at a price of €10 per person. 


La Pedrera Essential tour 

Casa Mila, known as La Pedrera, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the last civil work of the architect Antoni Gaudi. A unique building, a masterpiece of nature where you can understand in depth the imaginary of Gaudi.

La Pedrera is also the only interpretation center of Gaudi in Barcelona, essential to know all the work of the architect and his inspiration. In total you will visit 4,500 m2 spread over five floors. 

With this visit you will see the following:

- The Warrior Rooftop with 360º views of all Barcelona.  

- The Whale Attic, the old washroom at the top of the building, which houses the Gaudí Exhibition

- The Tenants’ Apartment, which recreates the life of a Barcelona bourgeois family of the first third of the twentieth century.

The Flower Courtyard (in Passeig de Gràcia) and the Butterfly Courtyard (in Carrer Provença). 

 - and, finally, the Milà Family’s Apartment, on the main floor, which houses the Foundation’s Exhibition Room (visitable only when there is an exhibition).


The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and a half.


Features of the La Pedrera Essential tour:  

- Access without queues 

- Visit at your own pace

- Complete visit

- Free audio guide

- Wifi

- 360º views from the Warrior Rooftop

- Accessible

You can buy tickets online at the following link: Tickets La Pedrera Essential 

For further information you can contact

For all the people with disabilities who want to visit Casa Mila but it is not easy to plan a specific day and time, there is no problem. You can come the day and time you want and inform our staff once you arrive to Casa Mila. They will give you priority access to buy tickets without queuing, access to the building without waiting and go in through the main door of Passeig de Gràcia.


In relation to accessibility, below you can read all the information about accessibility in Casa Mila. But we remind you that in La Pedrera the following is available:

- Elevators

- Ramps

- Adapted toilets

- Wheelchair loan service 

- Tactile spaces

- Adapted videoguides: incorporates the visit in sign language in Catalan and Spanish, transcriptions of audio information and the visit with audio description in Catalan, Spanish and English.

- Priority access


La Pedrera: accessible to everyone

Everyone is welcome at Casa Mila. Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation recognises visitors’ diverse capacities and needs and offers a varied range of programmes and services to ensure that La Pedrera is accessible to everyone.

Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the entire building.

Below you can find everything you need to know our range of services and accessibility resources to visit La Pedrera without obstacles:


Accessibility for people with physical disabilities

The tour of Casa Milà (La Pedrera) is accessible to people who use wheelchairs. There are lifts and ramps that connect the various floors.

The courtyards, the Pedrera Apartment (Period Apartment) and the Espai Gaudí (situated in the Attic) can all be visited without difficulty.

The Roof-terrace has many changes in level but is open to all visitors thanks to the lift and a platform next to the exit. There is an impressive sweeping view of the rooftop from this point.

The exhibition rooms are reached by a lift from the entrance in the Passeig de Gràcia courtyard. Inside the rooms, there is a stairlift to take you to the reception lobby.

The Laie book and gift shop is accessed via a ramp inside the building.

The Auditorium and the Gaudí Room are easily accessible via a broad ramp.

There are disabled toilet facilities on the ground floor, in the Pedrera Apartment (fourth floor) and in the exhibition rooms (main floor).

The characteristics and forms of the building make it advisable for people with disabilities to visit it with a companion. Wheelchair users are accompanied by La Pedrera staff when using the adapted lifts.

We have a wheelchair loan service to make it easier for people with reduced or limited mobility to visit the building. This service is subject to availability.

Wheelchairs must be booked in advance by sending an email to

Accessibility for people with impaired vision or hearing

Casa Milà (La Pedrera) offers a range of sensory resources intended to make it easier to understand the exhibits and to ensure access for all audiences.

Thanks to the “Accessible La Pedrera” programme, increasing numbers of sensory resources have been introduced in the museum and gallery spaces and also in the contents of the programme of cultural events and activities. These include interpreting in Catalan Sign Language (LSC) and live subtitling (SPS) at various events, as well as audio descriptions of shows for audience members who are blind or partially sighted.

In this way, the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation works to achieve its goal of guaranteeing access for all to cultural material.


Tours of the building:

Audio guides: We have a range of different audio guides that are available in a number of languages to meet visitors’ needs. You can request them free of charge at the audio guide desk, next to the ticket office.

For people with impaired vision, we have a descriptive audio guide. For people with impaired hearing able to lip read, we have audio guides transcribed into text. We also have individual magnetic neckloops for use with the audio guide device.

Tactile spaces: to make La Pedrera more accessible, we have situated tactile spaces along the entire route of the tour, including models of architectural and sculptural details of both the interior and exterior. There is a model of the whole building in the courtyard off Carrer Provença, where the tour begins, and models of particular features in the Pedrera Apartment (on the fourth floor).

• Tactile plans: on every floor open to visitors, there is a visual and tactile plan that indicates the itinerary of the tour. These 3D plans have legends in three languages in ink, relief and Braille. They are to be found on the ground floor (Provença courtyard), on the Rooftop-terrace, in the Attic (Espai Gaudí) and on the fourth floor (the Pedrera Apartment).

• Accessible tours: People with impaired hearing able to use sign language can request a guided tour of the building with a sign language interpreter by sending an email to:


Visit to temporary exhibitions:

​In the temporary exhibition rooms you will find:

• For the blind and partially sighted: Accessible visits with descriptive itinerary and tactile resources. More information about dates and availability at:

• For people with hearing aids that have a T setting: A portable induction loop system. You can request this at the temporary exhibition desk.

• For people with impaired reading who use sign language or lip reading: Guided tours in sign language and lip reading. More information about dates and availability at:

• For people with cognitive difficulties: hand programs in Easy Reading.

Exhibition from September 22, 2023 to January 14, 2024 "Antonio López".


Accessible activities:

Cultural events are usually held in the Auditorium and the Gaudí Room. These two rooms offer the following services:

Individual neckloops that can be requested from staff in the room.

• Leaflets in braille at concerts.

Sign language interpreting service.

To view the activities we organise at La Pedrera, please visit:


Accessibility for people with learning disabilities

The foundation has taken a further step to support groups of people with cognitive impairment and who need help to understand because of this. 

Many of the resources and services provided by the foundation are designed to improve the quality of life of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

In the temporary exhibitions at La Pedrera, we offer a range of cognitive stimulation visits and activities that encourage socialising with others and which stimulate the memory before, during and after a visit to the building. In partnership with neuropsychologists, who are familiar with these groups and their needs, we select pieces or themes likely to prove particularly attractive as a means to work on language, orientation, reminiscences, etc.

These resources, created by the participants of the REMS program of the Foundation, are also made available to associations and carers or relatives of people with Alzheimer's, as well as foundations working in the field of cognitive decline that manage day centres and homes that run socialisation programmes to facilitate inclusion and the creative use of leisure time.

For further information, please send an email to:

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