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Education service for schools

Knowledge and learning are the keys to the construction of a rich, dynamic future society. That is why the Casa Milà, ‘La Pedrera’, educational programmes are based on global and absorbing concepts which enable the students to have unique experiences and, at the same time, learn in a playful and enticing way.

The Education Service for schools is located on the mezzanine of Casa Milà, with six classrooms for the activities and workshops. All the activities take an active, participatory didactic approach, with state-of-the-art technological and museum resources (multimedia and interactive) to support the learning. They introduce the students to intriguing periods and topics or take them on adventures involving the heritage.

The activities revolve around five axes: the building, Gaudí, Modernism, architecture and nature.


Summer 2014

During the summer we continue to offer activities that attempt to approach the story, while we encourage creativity and innovation. Can you see the attached document to view the description of each workshop, and the ages at which it is directed.

Check here the Summer Activities in La Pedrera.

Table of activities - 2013-2014

Activities by educational levels

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The building
Guided tour of the building
Once upon a time... La Pedrera
Indiana Stones
The secret room of La Pedrera
Operation Gaudí
The spiral staircase
Power, revolution and Bohemia
'Modernisme' 3.0
La Pedrera, school of architects
Un cau de mil secrets
  • We adapt to the needs of each group (duration, levels, areas of interest ...).
  • An Education Service monitor leads the activity