From 15/09/19 to 17/05/20
From: 18:00 h - 19:30 h



Subscription: €10 per concert

€8 for music students

15 September - 17 May

Musical Residencies 2019-2020

The Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation presents the eighth Musical Residencies Programme, which began in 2012-13 with the aim of supporting and promoting the careers of young performing and creative musical talents in this country.

In the past seven seasons, with 21 residents, it has become established as a reference among young performers, who identify it as a programme that supports musical excellence among young talent by promoting the professionalisation of the outstanding performers. The nine concerts a year deriving from the programme are also well supported by critics and public.

This year, the chosen performers are ALBERT CANO SMIT, a very young pianist whose international career is clearly following an upwards path; the well-known clarinettist MIQUEL RAMOS; and, for the first time, the tessitura of countertenor in the shape of VÍCTOR JIMÉNEZ DIAZ, with a notable international profile.

In composing, following the line begun the previous season, the composer associated with the 2019-2020 season’s programme will be RAQUEL GARCÍA-TOMÁS, with the composition of three commissioned pieces to be premiered as part of the programmes drawn up by the resident performers for their concerts at La Pedrera.


 Calendar of concerts:

The season of nine concerts will run from September to May, on the third Sunday of each month (except January) at 6pm.

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