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The Warrior Rooftop 


Activity at La Pedrera:

Drop Collective

La Pedrera Jazz

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Concerts begin at 8.45pm

Drop Collective is a project that fuses Jamaican music and jazz through a repertoire of original arrangements. It was created towards the end of 2016, out of the synergies of ten musicians from the Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona. Their live performance is a vibrant and festive show, with all ten musicians on stage, during which they perform songs from their album, specific ally arranged for the live shows, to which they add mythical pieces from the gender.

Maria Del Río, vocals
Armando Erenas, electric guitar
Daniel Ferruz, keyboards
Carlos Bayolo, bass
Jake Klamburg, drums
Arnau Morell, trumpet
Alba Alsina, alto sax
Iñigo Peña, tenor sax
Pablo Martín, trombone
Andreu Domènech, baritone sax.


The ticket includes the visit at the attic, concert and drink.


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