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Rooftop of La Pedrera

Activity at La Pedrera:

Gabriel Amargant Trio

Gabriel Amargant Trio

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Concert starts at 20:45 h

Sax and clarinet player Gabriel Amargant presents his new project, Aire (FS, 2018). After the success of First Station (Fresh Sound, 2009) and And Now for Something Completely Different (FS, 2015), Amargant presents a collection of new and original compositions that draw on different musical influences. Inspired by his own experiences, readings, and trips, they are exposed through a dialogue between the members of the ensemble, a trio which is completed by two of the most versatile and prolific musicians from the current jazz scene, Marko Lohikari at the double bass and Ramon Prats at the drums.

Gabriel Amargant, sax and clarinet

Marko Lohikari, double bass

Ramon Prats, drums

Including tour at Espai Gaudí (attic), concert and drink.



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