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Includes free visit to the attic, concert and drink


La Pedrera - Casa Milà



Vicente Marín Trío is a contemporary jazz group born in 2019 in the context of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya. This group tries to take improvisation far beyond the solo aspect, playing with melodies, structures or even the set list, with hardly any previous guidelines. Formed by Vicente Marín (piano), Jon Carranza (double bass) and David Gimeno (drums), their repertoire is made up of original themes with influences from jazz, classical music or flamenco, with melodies that are usually performed on amalgam compasses.

In 2022, they travelled to Amsterdam as a quintet for the Keep an Eye international competition, where they won the third prize. In addition, in October of the same year, the trio won another award in the form of second prize in the Concurso de Juventudes Musicales de España (jazz). 



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