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On Saturday, the team of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation and the sculptor Jaume Plensa began the assembly work for the new exhibition 'Jaume Plensa. Poetry of Silence', which starts on March 31st and can be seen until July 23rd at La Pedrera.

The works that have been installed are Silent Music IV, a large corten steel sculpture three meters high and weighing 204 kilos; Day-Night, a resin and steel piece that illuminates at night and weighs 410 kilos; and Overflow, and unprecedented work that will be seen for the first time at La Pedrera. The pieces have been located on the roof terrace of La Pedrera with a large crane and on The Butterfly Courtyard. The assembly has been supervised by Jaume Plensa himself: "The setting is magnificent... I am very excited to pay tribute to Gaudí. I am from Barcelona, ​​I have traveled around a lot, and now I have returned to reconnect with the city, and it is very beautiful that it is with La Pedrera. The exhibition will be very interesting because it is a very extensive collection of my work."

This first part of the assembly consists of eight large-format pieces that will dialogue with Gaudí's building, and which will be located on the rooftop (2), in the attic spaces (3), in the two courtyards (1+1), and on the street (1), in front of La Pedrera. These large pieces will be part of the exhibition, which will have an extensive tour in the exhibition hall of La Pedrera. In order to visit all the masterpieces of Plensa and visit the building and the exhibition buy your tickets here


The lesser-known and more intimate side of Plensa in the new exhibition of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, 'Jaume Plensa. Poetry of Silence'

'Jaume Plensa. Poetry of Silence' is a major retrospective, a different proposal that revisits the work of one of the most renowned sculptors in contemporary international art.

The exhibition at La Pedrera, which includes Plensa's production from 1990 to the present, highlights several key aspects of his work as a sculptor and is structured around the relationships between the artist's creative universe and the letter as a constituent element of his work.

Plensa's relationship with literature, especially poetry, is the guiding thread of the exhibition, in which other recurrent themes in his career, such as silence, dreams, desire, music, and family, will also appear.

The exhibition will also show a more unknown, intimate, and conceptual Plensa, with a series of small format pieces made in the nineties.

The works will be mainly presented in the exhibition hall, but will also be distributed to other points of La Pedrera such as the rooftop, attics, inner courtyards, and the exterior of the building. In this way, an intimate dialogue will be established between Jaume Plensa's work and the emblematic building of the architect Antoni Gaudí.

The exhibition is organized by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation and can be visited at La Pedrera-Casa Milà in Barcelona from March 31st to July 23, 2023.


Jaume Plensa exposició La Pedrera


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