Exhibition Open Works at Casa Mila

The curators of 'Open Works. The art in movement. 1955-1975 'explain four works exhibited in Casa Mila


The 37 artists that we can found in " Open Works. Art in Movement, 1955-1975” have a common denominator: to seek a profound transformation of the viewer's role through participation and interaction with the work of art.

The curators of the exhibition, the art historians Marianna Gelussi and Jordi Ballart, explain us more in detail 4 of the exhibited works:

Ballart comment "Chromosaturation",  1965/2018 by Carlos Cruz-Diez.
Color as a tangible element.

Gelussi comment "Bariestesia",  1974-1975, by Gianni Colombo
Feel the principle of instability

Ballart comment "Reflets dans l’eau déformés par le spectateur",  1964, by François Morellet.
Fully interactive work.

Gelussi comment "Blue sail",  1965, by Hans Haacke.
A living work that fluctuates.

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