Els Cels Rasos Desapareguts

Casa Mila is a Gaudi’s unique building in all areas: the constructive, the functional and the aesthetic. It is beyond doubt that Antoni Gaudi worked carefully the ceilings of the building to be unique.

On the main floor of Casa Mila, where was the residence of the Mila family, Roser Segimon redo much of the decoration when Gaudi died in 1926, but nowadays there are still some columns of stone sculpted with ornamental motifs and inscriptions, as well as some fragments of the lower heavens.

Cels Rasos de La PedreraCels Rasos de La Pedrera

© ANC/Fons Joaquim Gomis

In this comparison between the current photography and the one published in "Fotoscop de Gaudí" (ed. Polígrafa, 1971), we can observe part of the destroyed ceilings and the interior decoration. It is a very relevant document, because the work of the plaster ceiling and the screen is very well appreciated, with the moldings that set it on the ceiling, and allows us to get an idea of how some of the floor rooms of the owners should have been, rooms of 1,300 m2 of surface.

In“La Pedrera’s untold stories”, a web that wants to be a research project on the social life of Casa Mila and wants to contribute to expanding the knowledge of this building of more than 100 years of life, you can read the demolition documents of the builder, Mr. Josep Bayó, in the article "The missing plaster ceiling".


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