Pintures Murals a La Pedrera

The god Vertumnus disguised in an attempt to seduce the goddess Pomona, the Deadly Sins, bouquets of flowers, the god Pan playing the panpipe and even a shipwreck – these are just some of the scenes featured in the mural paintings in the vestibules of Casa Mila.

Little has been written about these murals. Some authors have even remarked that the paintings are out of keeping with the modernity that La Pedrera represents. Nevertheless, the pictorial decoration of the vestibules is an essential part of the building’s decoration, as was the sadly lost decorative artwork of the dwellings. 

The latest research by Catalunya La Pedrera Foundacion & Dr Carlos Alejandro Lupercio has accredited the authorship of the mural paintings, and has identified the scenes depicted in the vestibules. The Symbolist painter Aleix Clapés (1850 – 1920) was entrusted, between 1909 and 1911, to oversee the pictorial decoration of Casa Mila. Clapés was aided by his assistants, the well-known painters Iu Pascual, Xavier Nogués and Teresa Lostau, who were just starting out.

Terrat la pedrera

The fences of the rooftop: history and curiosities

At the rooftop there is an element that goes unnoticed by visitors and is often surprising because it does not follow the sinuosity of the building: the perimeter fence of the interior Courtyards. Get more information here!

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