Top Gaudí at La Pedrera

Why is La Pedrera Top Gaudí? We give you ten reasons to come and discover this Modernista gem by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí:

1. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because it is the final work the architect Antoni Gaudí completed and hence the last example of his architectural style. 

2. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because the architect made innovations in it while respecting tradition. He wanted to surpass the models that had previously prevailed and so he proposed a new style that gradually evolved, leading to the construction of La Pedrera, an innovative building that defies classification due to its constructional characteristics, the spectacular nature of its façade and the solutions in its interiors and facilities.

3. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because it has the finest rooftop-terrace in Barcelona: the rooftop of the warriors, which offers impressive views of the city and this most fascinating of roofs.

4. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because of the Gaudí Exhibition in the attic reminiscent of a whale, the only interpretation centre that covers Gaudí’s entire oeuvre in Barcelona, providing an opportunity to learn about the architect’s work, his inspirations and his method of working.

5. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because in the residential apartments, you will be able to view original Gaudí items and objects (doorknobs, handles, mouldings, doors and floors) that recreate the interior of an apartment in La Pedrera and present a portrait of the way a bourgeois family in Barcelona lived in the opening quarter of the 20th century.

6. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because is the only building of Gaudí that still have tenants living in it. Nowadays, there are three families living in La Pedrera. There are families that have lived in there for more than 70 years!  

7. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because of its privileged position right a house in the middle of Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona, where Antoni Gaudí built the most impressive stone façade on what is now Barcelona’s premier shopping avenue.

8. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because it is a masterpiece of nature, providing an opportunity for you to see for yourselves the inspiration the architect drew from nature in the whale-like attic and in the flower courtyard and the butterfly courtyard.

9. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because The Warrior Rooftop is an amazing rooftop-terrace, a unique space where Gaudí has transformed chimneys and stairwells into sculptures.

10. La Pedrera is TOP Gaudí because it is the heart of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, and with your admission fee you are contributing to the social, cultural and environmental programmes that every year benefits more than 500,000 people.



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